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ZKS/EPFL PRIZE Award in Environmental Engineering and Sustainability

ZKS/EPFL PRIZE Award in Environmental Engineering and Sustainability


The Foundation annually awards an EPFL Prize (Zeno Karl Schindler/EPFL award), worth 20'000 Swiss francs. The "Zeno Karl Schindler/EPFL " Prize is awarded by EPFL Research Awards Commission on behalf of the Zeno Karl Schindler Foundation.


The purpose of the "Zeno Karl Schindler/EPFL " Prize is to distinguish a post-doctoral work (high level research project and publications or doctoral thesis with a research project and publications) of particular excellence performed at EPFL, in the field of environmental sciences and/or sustainability.




For Postdocs max 5 years after PhD completion (the following exceptions will be taken into consideration: maternity, paternity, adoption or parental leave / inability to work due to illness or accident / continuing education).

No PATTs or Prof boursier.

Resubmission limited (1 time only).



Application procedure

Application files link here should be uploaded on the dedicated nomination platform and contain the following documents:


  • a supporting letter, written by the professor or principal investigator of the unit in which the candidate is enrolled, this letter has to include a detailed justification for the nomination


  • the addresses of three international referees


  • a scientific report: summary of scientific achievements (max. 5 pages)


  • a curriculum vitae


  • a list of scientific publications


  • the three most important publications of the candidate.


  • The SNSF guidelines must be used for organizing the CV and the publication ‘s list.




Candidates can be nominated by EPFL professors or they can apply directly to the EPFL Research Office, no later than March 1st of the year in which the prize is awarded.


Please note that a candidate can only be proposed for a single award.

The nominations will be evaluated by the EPFL Research Awards Commission, which is entitled to seek independent expert opinion concerning the candidates.



More information

More information research@epfl.ch


EPFL Research Awards Commission


EPFL Instructions for the Zeno Karl Schindler file here.




2011 –  Dr. Sivula Kevin: Enabling materials for a new paradigm in solar energy conversion.


2012 –  Dr. Corsin Battaglia: Light trapping for solar cells: towards higher efficiency with less material.


2013 –  Dr. Guillermo Barrenetxea: Sensorscope: Application-Specific Sensor Network for    Environmental Monitoring.


2014 – Dr. Yuheng Wang: Mobile uranium (IV)-bearing colloids in a mining-impacted wetland and   geochemical controls on their formation.


2015 –  Dr. Endre Horváth: Swoxid: Next generation filters for air- and water purifiers.


2016 –  Dr. Wolfgang Tress: Developing and understanding third generation solar cells.


2017 –  Dr. Heather N. Bischell: Eliminating barriers to sustainable sanitation through safe nutrient   recovery from human urine.


2018 –  Dr. Ibrahim Dar: Understanding the Structural, Morphological and Photophysical Properties of   Materials for Their Application in Solar Cells.


2019 –  Dr. Alessandro F. Rotta Loria:  Multiphysical and multiscale interactions between the built   environment and the shallow subsurface


2020 –  Dr. François Passalègue: The nature of fluide induced Earthquakes.


2021 – Dr. Jovana Milic:  Hybrid Supramolecular Materials for Renewable Energy Conversion in Photovoltaics


2022 – Dr. Benjamin Kellenberge: Interactive Machine Vision for Wildlife Conservation


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