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Fellowship in Digital Humanities

of the Zeno Karl Schindler Foundation

MIRABILE-ATLAS fellowship in digital humanities of the Zeno Karl Schindler Foundation

The Zeno Karl Schindler Foundation has established two fellowships, each of them for six to twelve months, to support the development of the «MIRABILE. Digital Archive for Medieval Latin Culture» (www.mirabileweb.it) project maintained by SISMEL (International Society for the Study of Medieval Latin, Via Montebello 7, I-50123 Florence;  www.sismelfirenze.it).


It is intended that the fellows will carry out their fellowships at the seat of the SISMEL following the development agenda of the MIRABILE project, with a monthly stipend of CHF 2,500 (Swiss francs).


Applications should be submitted (with curriculum vitae, motivation letter and “Affidavit”) by July 15, 2024 via email to:

Prof. Jean-Yves Tilliette here.


The results of the evaluation procedure will be published by August 31, 2024.


Winners will be given the opportunity to start the fellowship from October 1st, 2024.




MIRABILE Fellowship core objectives

1. On-line publication, with related search functions for the search and visualization, of data present in MIRABILE on an atlas of medieval culture with related cross-searches and interactive navigation over the data retrieved from the database. All data will be transformed in JSON, which is the standard format for the management of data used by Elastic Search for indexing.


2. Integration with information present in MIRABILE's databases (such as the author, the texts, the manuscripts and the bibliography). The module will provide the ability to show those database informations on a map. The geographical data will be loaded by the user inserting it in a text field. To facilitate the user, a lemmatization algorithm will be used, it will analyze the text contained in the document by detecting the entries in it. The module will be improved in data visualization and also in the data representation on the map. The aggregation of all the data in the map needs to be clear to the user in order to reach the information it’s looking for.


3. A user interface that will integrate the search engine results, will be implemented in the project, providing a way to view the data on an interactive map.

People with the following characteristics can apply for one of the following profiles or for both, by indicating it explicitely:




1. First profile


  • Ability to understand and process data from database to JSON format and link them to meta- textual information present in MIRABILE (with knowledge of cartography)


  • Good knowledge of Latin


  • Knowledge of authors, texts and manuscripts of medieval Latinity Knowledge of the problems concerning the transmission of medieval texts


  • Knowledge of XML-TEI format will represent a preference




2. Second profile


  • Knowledge of JSON format


  • Knowledge of Open Street Map geo-location service


  • Knowledge of Elastic Search Engine


  • Knowledge of XML-TEI format


  • Good written and oral English



For further information:


Mail to here.

Site web SISMEL FIRENZE  here.


Applications should be sent to:


Mail to here.






Please consider that no reply will be given to such requests.



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